Sieger by Furstenberg: Gleaming Gold

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Sieger by Furstenberg Ca’ d’Oro Collection

Blending perfectionism and joie de vivre, two brands unite under the brand name – ‘Sieger by Furstenberg’ – to create a modern, yet sophisticated porcelain collection.

Fürstenberg Porcelain Works founded in the year 1747, over 250 years ago in Fürstenberg an der Weser, is a porcelain manufacturing house, still operating on its original site.

Very popular with collectors and aficionados alike, Furstenberg unites with Sieger, another German brand established in Harkotten Castle ran by Michael & Christian Sieger, blending perfectionism and a joie de vivre. 

  • Includes espresso cup and saucer
  • Diameter: 12.5cm
  • 24kt Gold or platinum/gold
  • 24kt Gold
  • 24kt Gold
  • Diameter: 9cm
  • 24kt Gold
  • Large Bowl Diameter: 19cm
  • Small Bowl Diameter: 12cm
  • 24kt Gold
  • Diameter: 29cm

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