SOCIAL BITE: Lavinia Biancalani…loves Ralph’s

Blogger, Stylist, and Digital PR muse, Lavinia Biancalani is turning heads. This fine fashionista is an up-and-coming personality in the Milan fashion circuit, charming all who know her. When she’s not snapping pics backstage at fashion week or hosting events with major fashion brands, she splits her time between the music and fashion scenes, traveling the world to spot new avant-garde trends with boyfriend and musician Andrea Mariano of the Italian group, Negramaro.

Where is your favorite place for a quick bite/spuntino or a little indulgence on the go?
Milan is full of cute places and restaurants where you can get a quick bite but in the end, I like to go to Ralph’s which you can find in the Colonne di San Lorenzo district, an area of the city I adore!

What do you get there?
A plate I love is the meatballs Fassona. Or I like to go in the afternoon between appointments to get a coffee with an amazing cheesecake!

Why is it so good?
Because the ingredients are fresh and real, the greens are seasonal and the meat is top notch. Also – the place is cute, cozy, and relaxing with a view of the columns.

When is the best time to go?
Ralph’s is always open, from 11 in the morning until late at night, at any time you can try every part of the menu which is really diverse and complete! In reality, every time of the day is good to eat a snack at Ralph’s, In general I prefer the dinner/aperitivo hour.

How did you find this place?
During fashion week last year, my friends recommended I try it. I went at the end of a really busy day and it was an awesome discovery.


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Via Edmondo de Amicis, 4, 20123 Milano, Italy

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