FASHION WEEK REPORT: Alessandro Enriquez SS/18

by Melissa Lupo

The Reign in Spain

From Italy to Spain, with love.

In his collection “Italy Spain, One Way”, Alessandro Enriquez explores traditions in Spain with Italy close at heart.

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If it seems lately like the world is ending (and it probably is), Alessandro’s Spring Summer 2018 collection of bags has us smiling despite it all.

The protagonist this season is Santa Enriquez, a bullfighter who finds she cannot slay the bull and the bull transforms into a charming prince that Santa Enriquez falls in love with. This season’s collection is also a labor of love as Alessandro Enriquez seeks to redefine love through an irreverent fable between the sacred and the profane.

Elements like pop graphics, prints with a mix of landscapes, stars, dots and colorful lines, ironic comic messages and scarves that become ornaments are all part of a joyful and coherent design. Not to mention, the craftsmanship on each bag is so delicious, each one seem like it’s own bright bon-bon.

Alessandro, in collaboration with the the creativity of STUDIO FANTASMA, tells the story of Torera with an unusual comic strip: Miss Torera, Fiesta, Taurus, Love, Victory.
Some of the processing techniques include print, embroidery, inlays and stitching, all in a palette of bright colors, resulting in a black, blue, blue or red background.

Faithful to their original creative direction, the designs continue to evolve and be further refined from season to season. Like Alessandro himself, the collection is poised, smart, and a bit irreverent, and we can’t wait to see more.  Olé.

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Cristiana Zanche and Pietro Gaudenzi have been producing Illustrations and graphics for publishing and companies Since 2007.

“We work digitally to create a highly ductile artistic product, adaptable to customer requests. Our tools are a computer, a graphics tablet and a strong image culture. Nothing else. The[end result appears as] a gouache or a watercolor but are actually pixels. Our knowledge of traditional techniques[is rooted in technology]”.

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