#BudLab Barcelona It's actually about the music

by Melissa Lupo

Underground parties are a thing here in Barcelona, but like, for real.

Budweiser is one of the latest along with Campari and Seagrams making a play for the next gen, redefining the context you might be expecting from a “bud light.”

Admittedly, we are particularly excited about this one in particular.

BudLab sets the bar high with a secret party you really don’t want to miss. It’s just a lucky few that gain entrance to this electronic music party and training session from some of the best in the biz. Ever wanted to be a DJ or even get into electronic music? This is your chance. And it’s FREE.

Read on for details on how you might score a chance to get in. Tell them you heard it on City Girl Cooks and they might even make it easier for you.

BudLab Barcelona begins lessons with Jordi Carreras.

The Budweiser laboratory joins Plastic, Microfusa, Eumes, Academy 303 and Aulart, for six masterclasses that will take place until December.

Artists and professors like Marc Marzenit, Jordi Goberna or Monocrome, the director of Magnum Bookings, Alex Montoya, musicalogists like Jordi Carreras Jesús del Cerro, sound engineers like Ramir Martínez or coaching by artists like Eduard Pérez, make up the lecture panel for the BudLab Barcelona “school year” that will go until December.

One hour and half session are characterized by their intimate format “on the sofa”, presented and animated by the artist Fernando Lagreca, with a capacity of just 20 people and is totally free.

In order to attend on Mondays from 19:00h. a 21:00h, you can apply on the web page www.budweiser.es/budlab. If you can’t make it in person, you can get the entire series on the brewery’s official YouTube channel.

Last Monday, Jordi Carreras, author of such books as ‘Yo DJ II’ and ‘Yo DJ III’, in addition to being head of studio, Plastic Academias, proposed  BudLab Barcelona as an “official DJ course where he not only reveals his tricks on the Pioneer turntable but also the dynamics and organization it takes to be an electronic artist with your music on Rekordbox.

A session becomes an interview and entertaining discussion, full of things to discover, ready to be experienced in it’s entirety.

The next BUD LEARN sessions will take place:

30 Oct. Synthesis in Music Production (with Microfusa)
06 Nov. E-learning with Electronic music (with Aulart)
20 Nov. Ableton Live Workshop (with Academy 303)
04 Dec. Visuals for live Electronic shows (with Microfusa)
18 Dec. Coaching and artist management (with EUMES)



  • Do you have a link to the live stream from De la swings set or even some more photos of the night? A great night just wouldn’t mind some pictures to look back on. Thanks

    • Hey Joe! Yes, I’m sure we do. Agreed, would be a great addition to the article. Will touch base with the editorial team on Monday about this then respond here when it’s updated, so you can see. 🙂 Cheers, Melissa

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