Armani Christmas Seduction A new collection of Armani Dolci for the holidays

by Raffaella Pietropaolo
Newsroom Editor
on December 1, 2017

The most seductive among us, par excellence? Desserts of course! It all depends on your taste, but that’s probably what all merry dinner tables in the world have in common during the Christmas festivities.

The Armani Dolci collection chooses the traditional, always Christmas-y bright red for the holidays. The elegant cherry packaging with a golden inside wraps boxes of chocolates, pralines, chocolate squares, dragée and marron glacé and seals them with a red tape inscribed with the golden letters of the brand’s name. Yes, looks matter, especially for a fashion auteur.

Besides the Pandoro and Veneziana, the classic Italian Panettone will also be available in the sinful version of pears and chocolate and in the mini format of 100 grams. The intriguing Armani surprise for Christmas 2017 is a saffron limited edition Panettone only available for purchase in the Armani concept store in Milan and online.

Even fashion designers know to reach people’s hearts through their stomachs!

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Armani Dolci

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