Making Dior Delicious These artists make us think about why we buy

by Artsy Meal
on February 5, 2018

What would you do if you found these in the supermarket, among the most common boxes of eggs?

It is called WHEAT IS WHEAT IS WHEAT and it is the project of  Peddy Mergui  , an Israeli photographer who presents very common items (such as fruit, cured meats, biscuits, eggs, etc.), to which he applies a different communication style, associating them with the brand of some of the most famous brands in the world.

Are we talking about designer foods?

It is an idea to provoke, but above all to make us reflect on the fact that, more than the product itself, it is often the way in which it is presented that leads the consumer to buy it.

With this project Peddy Mergui invites us to reflect on a more conscious and responsible consumption, exploring the issues that range from marketing to ethics.

In this field, however, Peddy Mergui plays with other artists.

One of the most interesting is Tyler Shields  with its Indulgence project , which envisages the fusion between Food and luxury brands that aesthetically reflect the brand identity.

Would you like to be in the cinema and enjoy Prada’s popcorn and Hermes Coca Cola?

The work of the photographer Shields starts from the reflection on consumers, and on their obsession with the brand rather than the real product, the same observation made by designer Peddy Mergui imagining his “products” in an imaginary supermarket.

Who created the perfect combination of street food and logos?

The artist is Linus Morales . With a keen eye on the graphics, Morales was playing with the idea of ​​how to combine the designer brands with typical Swedish fast food restaurants, when he had the idea: why not put the brand logos on the same foods? “I wanted the images to be very graphic and clean, like Pop Art,” he continues. “I was trying to be provocative by making this big leap from cheap, ‘fast’ food to luxury designer brands.”


Catherine Losing is the one who has combined two crazy pleasures: that of sweets and that of luxury shopping. Helping the Losing was also the food stylist Iain Graham : who better than a sugar expert could recreate the matelassé effect made famous by  Chanel , the aromas of apple and lavender? The iconic motif of the Christian Dior Miss Dior bag made of pink macaroons is also crazy.

Would you rather order a simple Fendi tiramisu or millefeuille with blueberries, raspberries and vanilla cream? Or the Macarons with the motifs of Dior?

Photo Credit: Peddy Mergui

by Artsy Meal; editor Raffaella Pietropaolo

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