10 Celeb Chefs On The Foods They Won’t Eat How you could you Chrissy Teigan.

by Refinery29
on February 5, 2018

Having an adventurous palate is an unofficial prerequisite for being a chef, and celebrity cooks are no exception. Creating new recipes requires a familiarity with all kinds of flavors. Besides, wanting to spend all your time around food often goes hand-in-hand with generally appreciating a variety of ingredients.

But even the most gourmet chefs have foods they can’t stand. Sometimes, it’s because of a bad experience. Other times, it’s one of those gut reactions that’s as inexplicable as why other foods are favorite and adored. Either way, like the rest of us, there are foods they will avoid if given the choice. Unlike us, however, their fame makes even their dislikes something we’re interested in.
Ahead, ten chefs on the foods they not-so-secretly hate.


Martha Stewart
Though Martha Stewart would happily bring real truffles into her kitchen, truffle oil is off limits. In a recent interview with TODAY Food, Stewart said matter-of-factly, “Oh, I would never use truffle oil, oh never.” It’s not just that she doesn’t like the taste, she backed up her aversion, too. The Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party host explained, “It’s bad. They’ve done many studies on truffle oil. It’s synthetic, it’s fake, it’s horrible. It’s clings to your tastebuds, it’s a hideous thing. Forget truffle oil.”


Ina Garten
One ingredient you’d be hard-pressed to find in any of the Barefoot Contessa’s ten cookbooks? Cilantro. The chef is famous for hating it, though there are a few other foods she’d rather not touch either. “I’m not big on things with eyeballs. And foam,” she revealed in an interview earlier this year.


Tom Colicchio
The Top Chef judge has had to try his fair share of meals over the shows many seasons, but he has admitted there is one food he just can’t stomach. He has spoke in several interviews about his dislike of okra. In 2007 interview with The New York Times, he said his dislike stems from how “slimy” it is. He also doesn’t like sea cucumbers or shredded mountain yams, a fact you might want to have in your back pocket if you’re ever a contestant on Top Chef and are tempted to prepare something that incorporates all three of those ingredients.


Gail Simmons
Another food you might want to hold back on using too much of if you’re ever on Top Chef? Black beans. Long-time judge Gail Simmons can’t stand them. She told Bravo that after a bad batch got her sick she can no longer eat them.


Chrissy Teigen 
Never one to hold back from her fans on social media, Teigen thus has a well-documented hatred of hummus. She’s called it “the most overrated snack-category food alive,” and “flavorless paste,” and accused its defenders of merely liking pita chips. (To her point, however, pita chips are delicious and could make plenty of foods palatable.)


Ayesha Curry
In the Curry household, there’s only one chocolate eater. Neither Steph Curry nor their daughters will eat chocolate, meaning Ayesha doesn’t have to share. There is one food, however, that she isn’t a fan of. When asked if there’s a food she doesn’t like that she has to prepare for her family, she told Entertainment Tonight that she luckily doesn’t have to cook food she dislikes. That’s probably because no one in their family is frequently requesting foie gras. She said she’s tried it several times and hasn’t found a preparation she enjoys: “I think it’s a texture thing for me.”


Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay has roasted plenty of poorly-prepared food over the years, from contestants on his show Masterchef to his own Twitter followers. But when it comes to a food he’d never, ever eat, it’s easy: plane food. In an interview with Refinery29, “I worked for airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.” He prefers to eat something light like wine and charcuterie before boarding and maintains, bluntly, “There’s no fucking way I eat on planes.”


Anthony Bourdain
Another chef known for strong opinions, Bourdain will eat just about anything out there. But he once said that when it comes to the trendiest of fall flavors, pumpkin spice, he hopes it is“drowned in its own blood.” But the famously outspoken chef might be softening his stance. In an interview with Refinery29, he admitted he’s “outvoted” on the flavor, saying, “I sound like a complete curmudgeon at this point.”


Rachael Ray
Like Ina Garten and cilantro, Rachel Ray’s disliked food has legions of fans who don’t understand the appeal: mayo. Back in 2006, she had a feature on the I Hate Mayonnaise Club (yes, that’s a real thing) on her talk show, commiserating with the guest about her dislike of the condiment. She’s not alone celeb mayo haters: President Obama and Jimmy Fallon are also not fans.


Joy The Baker
Joy Wilson, the woman behind Joy The Baker, features plenty of sweet and even some savory recipes on her blog. But there’s one thing you’ll never find: octopus or squid. In an interview with Refinery29, she said the cephalopods are not for her.


Daniel Humm
And finally, one chef who claims to like everything. Eleven Madison Park serves some of the most adventurous foods in the country – so is there anything that Daniel Humm won’t eat? “I don’t like bad food. For me, food and eating enriches life so much,” he told Refinery29, refusing to admit there’s a specific food he straight-up doesn’t like. For him, it’s all about the preparation.


by Marshall Bright; editor Melissa Lupo

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