Sexy Steak Knife Looks Like A Surgeon’s Scalpel


by Highsnobiety
on February 1, 2018


Skalpel is a noticeably beautiful steak knife with a touch of modern and macabre sensibilities. Each utensil is handmade in Sheffield, the home of stainless steel, by Stuart Mitchell who has 35 years of experience in knife making.

Crafted from high carbon, surgical grade stainless steel, Skalpel is then perfectly weighted, making it feel just right in-hand. As you can see, it ultimately draws inspiration from a surgeon’s scalpel.

Skalpel is then scheduled to launch its coinciding Kickstarter campaign during the month of February, as only 100 units will be produced each month. For a closer look at the knife, press play below.

Photo Credit: Skalpel

by Jonathan Sawyer; editor Raffaella Pietropaolo

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