About Melissa Lupo, Editor-in-chief, “City Girl”

Who is City Girl ?

MELISSA LUPO is a freelance journalist and marketing strategist for luxury clients in food and fashion and the Editor-in-chief of City Girl Cooks, the online editorial about food and fashion, presenting the top chefs of Milan, and the luxury food lifestyle.

What is City Girl Cooks ?

City Girl Cooks is an online editorial and creative group specializing in content production, PR, and social media strategy with an expertise in food and fashion, born from the success of our eponymous online editorial featuring Milan’s top chefs and the luxury culinary lifestyle.

Featuring high end editorials with behind-the-scenes interviews with top chefs in Milan, Melissa Lupo cooks in their kitchen, wearing looks styled in collaboration with renowned fashion designers based on each chef ’s personality.

Looking beyond editorial, City Girl Cooks strives for harmonious brand and communication synthesis, whether focusing on food, fashion or the luxury sector in general, we deliver unique content in a highly stylized format for an immersive and emotional consumer experience.

For inquiries please contact: 

Camila Salles: camila@citygirlcooks.com