Who is City Girl ?

MELISSA LUPO is a journalist and digital marketing strategist for luxury clients and the Editor-in-chief of City Girl Cooks.

Strengths: writing, sipping champagne, Weaknesses: fear of toast, red lipstick.

What is City Girl Cooks ?

CITY GIRL COOKS is a luxury food lifestyle news site featuring fashion editorials with cool chefs and news about luxury food.

Editor-in-chief Melissa Lupo and the City Girl Cooks team knows how to talk about food for fashion and to the people that post the most. The first of its kind, City Girl Cooks is a luxury site dedicated to gathering and producing content specifically related to food, and the chefs woven into the fabric of a fashionable lifestyle.

Featuring exclusive chef interviews like you’ve never experienced before, City Girl dresses in designer looks to cook in the kitchen with celebrity chefs from the most exciting cities in the world, dressed as she perceives each chef.

Based in Milan, Italy, City Girl Cooks is produced by the CGC Group, a nomadic ideas agency managing social media, brand strategy, and exclusive Bespoke services for commercial and private clients around the world.